Product Management


This is what we do.  It's what we've been doing for years and it brings an extra dimension to your digital delivery - regardless of how big your project is.  With qualified product management professionals, who have worked with everyone from broadcasters to governments - we've got you covered.  Product Management brings a structured approach to your project, working with your own internal stakeholders and project managers. More about product management services...


Getting you the job you want at the company you want can be hard.  There's no two ways about it.  We can help you start, working with you on every element of your own personal 'brand'.  With over ten years experience working in talent sourcing in the UK and Europe, we bring the best practices of Product Management to you - to further your career.  More about personal brand solutions


A robust social media strategy is critical in an online world where consumption of media has changed radically.  Being where your audience is, has never been as important.  We're able to help steer through the importance of creative content calendars, special events social coverage, brand repositioning and crisis management/readiness.  More about social media...


We work with carefully chosen clients to advise them on how to take their brand to market, update their overall image or adapt to a changing audience.  This service covers everything from a simple identity update through to a fully featured campaign.  


For when you need a little more steer, we're able to connect the dots.  We've worked with a range of clients and know how to get a new app built, or advise you on which system you should be using for your internal email.  More information about consultancy services.